Dr. Antonio Alfonso: The Rice Doctor

It’s funny how sometimes in life, things don’t seem to go the way we plan them; yet somehow everything falls together in the right place.

At an early age, Antonio Andres Alfonso showed propensity for excellence […]

Guido Alfredo Delgado: Bridging the gap between the rich and poor through microfinance

The Philippine economy is steadily racing to be among the competitive markets in Asia. New investors are coming in, and more countries are expressing confidence in our economy. But despite these developments, the gap between […]

Prof. Ivan Henares: A Heritage Hero

The Philippines’ rich history dates long before our colonial history. Three centuries of Spanish colonization, along with a relatively long period of American and Japanese occupation, left marks forever embedded in our country and our […]

Edsel Salvana: The Outstanding Doctor Physician

While relatively low compared to global statistics, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines is increasing in an alarming rate. Out of the 6,011 cases of HIV registered last year, 543 were confirmed AIDS cases […]

Alonzo Gabriel: An Academic of the Nation, For the Nation

Despite pushing for industrialization, the Philippines still remains as a predominantly agricultural nation.But the rapid urbanization brought along an increased demand for convenient food, new processing and handling technologies,and a population susceptible to emerging pathogens—and […]